The Angel Realm Wands are a wonderful way to engage the Angel Alchemy Energies and come to know the Energy of each Realm. They are a profound and transformative force. Here are the nine realms and brief description.

The nine realms are as follows;
Seraphim (The highest order or choir of angels, attendant purely to the Divine throne)
Cherubim (They are known as guardians of God’s Glory)
Thrones (This choir of angels embraces purity, humility, peace, and submission)
Dominions (The regulator of holding the functioning of the angelic realms)
Virtues (They govern all of nature, controlling our seasons, the stars, the moons)
Powers (The warrior angels, standing against all evil)
Principalities (Stand directly as service to the Divine as Christ and the cross)
Archangel (Archangels are the communicators of direct support to humankind)
Angel (The closest in the material world that is accessible by human beings)