Here are some testimonials from those who have recently received this new Angel House.

“This Angel Realm Energy House is breathtaking! Its beauty and radiance shines, its intensity powers its way through the density of this earth plane. The felt current as it was cracking through the rusty old circuitry of the brain-mind was quite a matter to feel and breathe. My head was throbbing and I was deeply breathing to conduct, however the relaxation of the form was being given to allow the passage. The current of Light and happy play the Angel Energies were creating, was something I’ve never felt before. The current of unity of the Angels/Archangels as the vials were being placed was like a babble and noise of excitement as the entrance was taking place. Multidimensions felt to be revealing through the field…. A wonder and joy. I feel blessed to be a part of this birthing process and very excited to eventually facilitate the House entering people’s homes. Thank you for this wondrous gift. God is Profoundly Gracious.” Peaches Land

“The extraordinary Angel House is a paradigm shift. Wow! I feel a huge leap in consciousness has occurred with the creation of this exquisite current. When we witnessed it in our group of three, the fullness of current wasn’t whole bodily experienced until the third person had received the house. I felt this was symbolic of the very fibre of the house which stands in a unified circle. It is the circle that allows the space for the Divine creation to be held on earth. Thank you for this Divine showering! I feel so grateful to have received and know that the Divine is taking hold here and we are key instruments to holding the space open.” – Haniel

“Thank you for the evening with the Angel House. It’s so beautiful, it’s a depth of mystery that invites you to fall deeper and deeper, so active and sacred, wondrous and Divinely inspired. I feel it’s such a holding of all of us, and the space, aligning and guiding, lifting and evolving, dissolving aberrations and karma creations. I could just keep looking and looking at it. I feel it as a big force that will bring much more Heart and inclusion of the Divine in this Realm.” – Essentia

“Thankyou for this miraculous gift – the Angel Realm house. Our first introductory to it was the octahedron which I felt to be the operating “tool” to all of it, and it appeared as a hologram that we could literally walk through and participate with and learn. Thoth at the lower and Angels at the upper unifying as one, as in all time exists simultaneously in the present moment. How this is is beyond my capability to describe. Once the house structure was set up and the vials started going on I realised it was the Divne way of conducting what was necessary to be done via the assistance of the angel realm etc in this manifest world. Like conducting an orchestra. Once all the vials were on it was like a device waiting to be “unlocked”. Then it was placed on the base and the top stickers were added to complete it. At one point I felt the significance of the energy losing face where it created the “void” for everything to fall into the HOS as that. Now I feel lighter, held, awake beyond the head pressure, complete in form, and adjusting to that. I’m looking forward to resting and waking up to an entirely new way” – Grail

Receiving The Angel House