It is with great excitement and humility that we present the latest Alchymeic Product to the world – ‘The Eternal Light – House Of Angelic Realms’. This remarkable new structure contains not only all of the Archangel Energies previously released, but a specially designed Octahedron as well as nine new Energies called The Angel Realms.

These profound Angel Realm Energies have now been given as a support to all of humanity. Each one is a vast domain of energy and Light unto itself, allowing us greater strength and clarification through the ascension process, as well as a flooding of Light as a descending force entering this domain.

A group of lucky participants were present to Showme presenting the first Houses in America recently and were all deeply moved and touched by its immense energy and intention.

“I have never felt anything like it! Being with Showme is always something very special. And being able to be a part of this incredible moment to birth the first Angel Houses was a whole new level of intensity and Light entering…! It took a while to really start to understand and feel what was happening, but as we approached the completion of the House assembely, my body began to really start to feel a force of energy grounding, from head to toe. Then it all built up in the Heart centre like I was going to explode – all the pressure of all that had been weighing upon my heart was being exposed and released. This was all very intense, like nothing i’d ever felt before! The feeling of As Above, So Below was absolutely tangible! I’d never understood or felt it like this – the connection and merging of both worlds. Wow… I can’t wait to hear how people are feeling as they receive these new Houses in the world.” Omni Bells

The Angel OctahedronThe New Octahedron
This Octahedron is specifically designed for the ‘Eternal Light – House Of Angelic Realms’. It was given through Divine Vision to be an integral part of this House, to allow the penetration of both worlds – Heaven and Earth. It is the splitting of both and invocation of both – the Eternal & mortal penetrated at once. The Seed of Conscious Light takes form and is held, captured in the Octahedron. Unlike the other Octahedrons, this one will not be available for use outside the House.

The Nine Angel Realms
Within the layering of realms that make up the cosmic mandala, the higher realms are called the Angelic Realms. Within these realms, there are nine layers ascending to the God Light. These dimensions exist always and already, and as our attention starts to move upward, they can be known and experienced whilst alive in mortal form. Held in place Eternally for the sake of recognition and praise of the Divine, they are now turning their attention to greater support and assistance of those who are ready to pass through the process of transcendence and awakening.

The nine realms are as follows;
Seraphim (The highest order or choir of angels, attendant purely to the Divine throne)
Cherubim (They are known as guardians of God’s Glory)
Thrones (This choir of angels embraces purity, humility, peace, and submission)
Dominions (The regulator of holding the functioning of the angelic realms)
Virtues (They govern all of nature, controlling our seasons, the stars, the moons)
Powers (The warrior angels, standing against all evil)
Principalities (Stand directly as service to the Divine as Christ and the cross)
Archangel (Archangels are the communicators of direct support to humankind)
Angel (The closest in the material world that is accessible by human beings)

“…Witness and Alchymeic birthing of this entire process, the Eternal Light as seen in the layering of the Angelic Realm is seen manifesting and taking form. Each Layering of angels is the invocation to be participants in helping us create this hole in the Universe – that we truly may know ‘As Above, So Below’ and the Eternal passage whilst alive. The gift then of this house is literally the opening of two worlds. It is allowing us to know ‘As Above, So Below’
and the passage through to Eternal existence…”

Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss