Stargate Box



The Stargate Box is a wondrous energy transferance device that allows us to combine the Alchymeic Vials or Wand for greater levels of transformation and energetic support. The Stargate also has a specific Alchymeic intention to allow us to combine the Wands and Vials for other people, whether it be in one-on-one consultations as a practitioner, or at home by ourselves and with family. The Stargate Boxes have been used and enjoyed for many years all over the world, supporting greater intensity of the Alchymeic Vials and Wands.

The Stargate Box is specifically designed to be used with the Angel Vial Pack or the Angel Wands. Click on one of the following links to view these products.

Angel Vial Pack

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Angel Realm Wands


The Stargate Box allows you to work with energies, or combinations of energies, for your own transformation or to intentionalise these energies anywhere you choose, which may include to other people, places, animals and situations. The Threshold Pack vials reach their full intensity when they are placed on the Stargate Box.

The Stargate Box is used by selecting vials and placing them on the “I’m Here” side. On the “I’m There” side put a written intention, an object or a photograph of a person or place. To assist in receiving the energies yourself, you may place your hand directly on the Stargate Box or a glass of water and drink this empowered water.

There is no limitation to the number of prayers, intentions etc… that can be added to the Stargate Box, though we need to be in feeling to what we put on the Stargate Box and therefore appropriately aligned to receive the energy.

The original Stargate holds the current of penetration of density that this Earth Plane represents. Originally the Divine current of awakening came as a descent, a penetration of mortal life.

As beings evolved and emerged ‘out of the black’ of unconsciousness and began waking up from the dream to recognise the Path of Infinite Return, the products began to shift into the process of Ascension. With this came the emergence of the Radiant Realm energy and the Stargates are that very process of Ascension.

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Weight .618 kg
Dimensions 29.5 × 14.5 × 5 cm