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Throughout history, humankind has looked to the heavens for guidance and support. Not only have we sought direct help from the Divine, but also from the realms of beings residing in domains superior to ours – the Angelic Realms. The domain of the Angels has a long history of partnership with humanity which has been well documented in many spiritual traditions. All the great prophets spoke of beings from on high, God’s messengers, whose purpose was to guide humanity, helping to stabilise the balance between good and evil.

The Archangel Energies allow us direct access to the full force of each Archangel presence, helping us navigate our way through Earthly life with great support, clarity and guidance.

These Archangel Wands are a powerful invocation of the celestial beings to support and guide us in our worldly missions and awakening process.

*Each Archangel Wand may be purchased individually, or as a complete set.

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Archangel Michael
Michael is the Angel of courage, strength and protection and he will stand by your side with his mighty sword and shield, ready to protect you. Michael means “who is like God”. In the New Testament Michael leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan. Michael is considered a “prince of the first rank of Angels”.  (Words associated with Michael –  truth, courage, strength, success and faith.)

Archangel Raphael
Archangel Raphael is the supreme healer in the angelic realm and his chief role is to support, heal, and guide in matters involving health. Raphael means “God heals” or “He who heals”. In Catholicism, he is Saint Raphael, the patron of healing and physicals. (Words associated with this Archangel are healing, communication, knowledge and vision.)

Archangel Gabriel
The Archangel Gabriel is the exalted messenger of God, whose name means “The Strength of God”. Gabriel’s role is as a communicator and mediator between Heaven and Earth. (Words associated with this Archangel are protection, intuition, clarity and discipline.)

Archangel Uriel
The name Uriel literally means ‘Fire of God’, ‘Flame of God’, ‘Light of God’, or even ‘Sun of God’. The Archangel Uriel has been called “the Lord of powerful action”. Uriel personifies the Divine Fire that comes down from the Third Aspect of Deity–Universal Mind–penetrating each plane until it reaches the physical. Uriel is often referred to as the Great Archangel of the Earth. (Words associated with this Archangel are action, penetration, strength, purification and justice)

Archangel Chamuel
Means one who sees God. Archangel Chamuel is known as the angel of peaceful relationships. Archangel Chamuel embodies the decree: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy spirit.” Chamuel channels Divine love. People sometimes ask for Chamuel’s help to discover inner peace, resolve conflicts with others, release negative emotions or to forgive people who have hurt or offended them. (Words that this Archangel is associated with are love, pleasure, creativity, tenderness and compassion. )

Archangel Ariel
The name Ariel means “Lion of God” or “Hearth of God.” Some artwork portrays Ariel as having a lion’s head. Archangel Ariel is aligned with the Natural World, with Animals and with Elementals.  Ariel is very involved with healing and protecting nature including animals, fish, and birds, especially wild ones. (Words associated with this Archangel are gentle, kind, compassionate and caring.)

Archangel Metatron
Metatron is known as the “Angel of life”. His heavenly function is to supervise the recording of all our deeds in the Book of Life (which is also known as the Akashic record). People sometimes ask for Metatron’s help to discover their personal spiritual power and learn how to use it to make the world a better place. Metatron is also known as the first and last of the Archangels and is often called the King of the Angels. (Words associated with this Archangel are knowledge, wisdom, guidance and spiritual power.)

Archangel Sandalphon
Sandalphon is known as the “Angel of music”, as well as an “Angel of prayer”. Archangel Sandalphon is the ruling Angel and Protector of Earth and a Master of music. He rules over music in heaven. Sandalphon is guardian for the maintenance of the physical life and vitality and can assist people to learn how to use their talents. (Words associated with this Archangel are music, creativity, prayer, inspiration and beauty.)

Archangel Azrael
Azrael is the “Archangel of Death”. He is also the “Angel of retribution”. Azrael is a powerful Angel who teaches you about truth and illusion, life and death, to bring strength of soul and help to transcend your fears. Azrael is also an extremely loving and gentle being, who offers assistance to souls through the death process, making their transition back into the spiritual world from the physical. (Words associated with this Archangel are truth, understanding, insight and strength)

Archangel Jophiel
Jophiel is known as the “Angel of beauty”. Jophiel is here to assist us in seeing the beauty that surrounds us, and is also within us and each other. This Archangel is here to serve as inspiration and to help us see the best in everything. Ask Jophiel to help you see the godliness in all things, including and especially yourselves. (Words associated with this Archangel are joy, wisdom, insight, inspiration and intuition.)

Archangel Haniel
Haniel’s name means “Grace of God” and this presence helps us to return to our True State of Being. Haniel’s energy helps us to realign with our True and Natural State of Grace and to return to the Integrity of our Divine-Self. Associated with the planet and energy of Venus. (Words associated with this Archangel are truth, beauty, integrity and grace.)

Archangel Raziel
Raziel is the “Keeper of Secrets” and the “Angel of Mysteries” – the keeper of the supreme knowledge of the soul. Raziel is often depicted bringing light into darkness, which symbolizes his work bringing the light of understanding into the darkness of people’s confusion. (Words associated with this Archangel are understanding, revelation, clarity, faith and trust.)

Archangel Raguel
Raguel is referred to as the archangel of justice, fairness, harmony, and vengeance. In the Book of Enoch Raguel is one of the seven archangels whose function is to take vengeance on the world of the luminaries who have transgressed God’s laws. Raguel brings a course of fire which persecutes all the fallen luminaries. Raguel watches over other angels to make sure they are working well together with mortals in a harmonious and orderly fashion according to Divine order and will. (Words associated with this Archangel are justice, harmony, fairness and order.)

Archangel Jeremiel
Jeremiel’s name means “mercy of God”. Jeremiel is known as the angel of hopeful visions and dreams and overcoming difficulties. He communicates hopeful messages to people who are discouraged or troubled. Jeremiel’s message is “The challenges you’ve faced have made you stronger and have taught you lessons. Instead of becoming bitter open your heart with compassion towards people in similar situations.” (Words associated with this Archangel are mercy, compassion, hope and understanding.)

Archangel Zadkiel
‘Righteousness of God’ – Zadkiel is the Archangel of freedom, benevolence, mercy, and the Patron Angel of all who forgive. As an angel of mercy Zadkiel helps people to see and understand when they’ve done something wrong, encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions and to have the courage to right them. (Words associated with this Archangel are forgiveness, mercy, compassion, cleansing and freedom.)

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