Thrones Angelic Realm

This choir of angels embraces purity, humility, peace, and submission. This layering is where manifest material form begins to take shape – these angels are the communicators between the lower dimension of angels and the Divine. They stand before and are the carriers of the Throne of God, hence the name. All lower Choir’s of Angels need the Thrones to access the Divine. They have the ability to conduct God’s pure energy and transmit that message to others.

They are also described as the “wheels” or the “many-eyed ones,” and are beings of amazing movement and force. It is said that they are the wheels of the Creator’s chariot. They have a unique appearance of a glowing sphere of light with eyes, though they will often take a more traditional appearance. They rule energies and maintain the connections and flow throughout the universe. They are often holding symbols that represent truth, balance/justice and wisdom and radiate Divine energies in all directions.Though these angels are immensely powerful they are also very humble. This allows them to serve justice without fear or ambition.

When the Throne Angels combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given.

One could see and hear the cracking striation of form appear – intuitively it was understood as the DNA – Divine Light striking substance that could be seen as celestial dust, leading to the materialisation of actual form, or actual substance. This Divine process appeared to mix with the ‘Teardrops of The Divine’ – in other words, form ‘Liquid Light’. The Thrones are the conduits to allow this process to actualise. In the embrace of the Thrones, it can be felt as the transformation of mind, allowing the awakening from the chemistry of stress of mortal identification – to the chemistry of enlightenment, or identification with the Eternal. What can be realised is the awakening to our true capacity. We become capable of allowing this Divine Manifestation. This can only be done by one of pure heart, one who is given over to the Divine and requires manifestation for the good of all.