Seraphim Angelic Realm

The highest order or of angelic realms, attendant purely as service of the Divine Throne. Seraphim are often described as fiery six-winged beings; two to cover the face, two to cover the feet and two for flying.

The Seraphim exists in a realm that is beyond all identification, illusion and separation – they dwell in a state of bliss and pure joy. This is why this realm is considered to be the celestial sphere closest to the Divine Source or Absolute Divine. Their Divine love and recognition of the Divine, radiates perpetually, allowing everything to shine with the inherent perfection and harmony of eternal life. When we truly feel the presence of The Seraphim Angels, we can experience an indescribable connection to the Infinite Source and Unconditional Love. Their purity allows us to feel and remember that we are truly only alive as that prior Radiant Divine Form.

When the Seraphim combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given.

Alchymeic Vision:
The Seraphim were seen to be holding the highest point of Light entering into manifest form. It appeared as though the ‘Path of Infinite Return’ leads to a hole in the Universe, and they are there surrounding and holding that hole open. It is our way back to the God Light, and that space is being held open as a calling to Divine Remembrance. It literally is as though you are seeing through all dimensions as the space is being held. What appeared was the top point of the Fractaliser or the pyramid, the apex, the point of ‘As Above, So Below’ where Heaven and Earth are meeting.