Archangel Angelic Realm

The Archangels are the communicators of direct support to humankind. They abide and are present to us and work directly with us in this Divine intention. They are the direct link between humankind and God. They have work to do in both heavenly realms and in our earthly realm.

“Archangel” is from the Greek words “arche” (ruler) and “angelos” (messenger). This signifies their dual duties – ‘As Above – So Below’. Archangels rule over many functions of the universe on missions of Divine order, while also delivering messages from the Divine to humans.

Many Archangels have directly interacted with humans throughout history. Most of the Archangel names end with the suffix “el” (“in God”). In addition to that, each one has a meaning that signifies the unique type of work that they have to do in the world. For example ‘Archangel Raphael’ means “God heals,” and Raphael delivers healing to those who are suffering.

When the Archangels combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given.

Alchymeic Divine Vision:

In the witness it was as though the  floodgates were opening, and all the Archangels were all ready and willing to come to our aid, at our invocation and invitation. When we began the first Angel Alchymie invocation of the Archangels, the process of this form of manifestation hadn’t begun within the Alchymie. A year later, during which our prayer and willingness to participate as Alchymeic agency,  brought about a profound shift. It is as though we have reached critical mass, our invitation and evocation has allowed this flooding through of Divine help. This Holy Battle is unstoppable.