Archangel Uriel

The name Uriel literally means ‘Fire of God’, ‘Flame of God’, ‘Light of God’, or even ‘Sun of God’. The Archangel Uriel has been called “the Lord of powerful action”. Uriel personifies the Divine Fire that comes down from the Third Aspect of Deity–Universal Mind–penetrating each plane until it reaches the physical. Uriel is often referred to as the Great Archangel of the Earth. (Words associated with this Archangel are action, penetration, strength, purification and justice)

When Archangel Uriel combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision a totem energy is revealed, the Totemic Coat of Arms. There is a current about this energy that is revealing, lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime, that there is a point to it all. There is a lineage, or coat of arms within each being, within each soul, held within the DNA. There is a particular strand which holds a particular coat of arms, of which you are put on a passage; where you are given to walk the lessons of that particular destiny. The particular strand, or coat of arms, has been a lineage that we are passing through, is dissolved or learnt through that particular passage. The particular line that you are going to go through, is already ordained within the DNA; the fixity of the born condition.

The only liberation is submission to the process of dissolving your karmic bondage, which has been the cause of lifetimes of suffering. The intervention of the Divine alchymie, is to bring the dissolution of this lineage, or this coat of arms that has been held within the patterning, or the particular lessons required, held within the particular strand of DNA. Until you get the lesson, until you get the submission to what you are here to be undone from, you are not going to know perfect freedom.

So, there is work that is an archeological site held within our form, which is, of course, why we do the Alchymie of present and past life. Because it is actually inherent within this energy, that the only way through the dissolution of all of that destiny and karma held within the DNA, has to be literally worked on, dissolved and ultimately outshone. This particular energy is going to hold you to it, you are not going to get out of it, you are going to have to go through the process until you learn the lesson of life. But the depth of that, seems to be much greater with this energy, so the depth of feeling deeply into the Coat of Arms is actually very deeply placed within the DNA. It is appearing as the spinal column at the same time, but somehow there is a fire, or a force, that is sitting at the base. It looks like an alchymeic fire that is literally about “this work will be done, and there is no way through until this fire consumes us, or burns through anything that still remains untransformed”.

It is an uncompromising fire of transformation and transmutation. The lesson of life is that there is no way through except to have it be done, through the fire; the heat of transformation.  It is a pretty big energy, Archangel Uriel, that is about transmuting, transforming and alchymising. It will be done on Earth and you will get through to the ‘As Above So Below’ through the Fire of Transformation.