Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel is known as the “Angel of beauty”. Jophiel is here to assist us in seeing the beauty that surrounds us, and is also within us and each other. This Archangel is here to serve as inspiration and to help us see the best in everything. Ask Jophiel to help you see the godliness in all things, including and especially yourselves. (Words associated with this Archangel are joy, wisdom, insight, inspiration and intuition.)

When Archangel Jophiel combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision, the Infinite Divine Ring, the ring which is symbolique of the Divine Marriage, appears over the whole of the form as a circular current, and abides around the heart centre, with a diamond in front. The Ring is always the appearance of that Divine exquisite communion. It appears now around the entire bodily form. This form has dissolved into its layers, lots of layers of what we would call auras, going out from the inner egg, getting bigger and bigger and bigger eggs, and then the Ring, being right around all of that. There is a lot of colour in this, the colour of auras is showing up, a spectrum of colour, with the white diamond in front. There is a depth of beauty in the colour, because the colours are exquisite, and the actual form is only energy. So there is nothing solid about any of it, it is all only energy, and the current of this, and the diamond in front, being placed on the heart chakra, is actually radiating a force that brings a radiance through, to make everything only energy, only beauty, only exquisite.

The placement of the diamond literally explodes identification to the solidity of the form and there is just this radiant light, going right through the form, and the form takes on an energy glow or radiance rather than anything solid. So there is this radiant intensification of light, radiant force. It is a felt force, it is a strength, it is pushing through, radiating out and creating a strengthening of the current right around the form, making the form realised as a much bigger structure than any limited separation. There is an individuation, a Radiance, a layering of colour, an explosion of light; a radiant beauty of current, that is obvious in this holding, and that volume gives form, shape and Radiance. There is nothing limited by this, there is nothing linear, it is definitely volumetric, it is definitely without edges; held within an egg shape.

It is a very useful thing to understand, that the submission whole bodily has a sheath of layering that holds its integrity. So it isn’t exploded out to nothing, which is an easy path to go on. Somehow this gives you the integrity of form, gives you the sheathing of the form, gives you an individuation of form, so that it actually strengthens the egg of enlightenment, that this particular human form represents. Each one then has an individuation, has its own radiance, has its own glow, but is held within the integrity of what this current is holding. There is a re-establishment of the integrity of form that is formless, in other words, without structure. Radiance Only. There is a Divine play in that; it’s a juxtaposition to be talking like that, because Radiance seems formless, but it actually has form. So, we are held within the egg and held within the integrity of the Ring, and the diamond, being the heart of Divine Radiance. Very beautiful, very wonderful, very renewing, very strengthening in understanding. Understanding the wisdom of how to be whole body enlightened, whilst alive.