Archangel Ariel

Ariel is known as the Angel Of Nature and protects and healing animals and nature. Ariel also care of the Earth  and elements. Archangel Ariel’s name means, ‘The Lioness of God’. Ariel gives us courage and energy to take steps towards all that we have to deal with. Ariel helps us reconnect with mother earth and with the magic of nature.

When Archangel Ariel combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

Alchymeic Divine Vision:
In the vision, the Divine form is seen standing in a benevolent current emanating Radiance. This allows a direct passage to the Divine Realm. Its form stands with the Blessing current, in the Heart of Love with the arms extended and the tears of the Divine felt as the wound of love. Within this extended Radiance are the circles that are the Blessing current, that touch the hearts of all and this can be felt as God communion. This is very much a devotional current, in the remembrance and the awakening to the love of God. The Radiance continues as a felt holding, a protection, a blessing, and as a heartbreak, as a wound, as love, as a remembrance, as an ignition of the right side of the heart – the intuitive gnosis and a reawakening to the Love-Bliss of Divine communion. The circles of Radiance expand so that the volume of its current continues to extend. It is the invocation that is required, the yielding that is required, to invite such a blessing. Humility and heart are given to be felt and known as the wonder, and the deliciousness of what is real nourishment, what is real alignment, whilst alive. Everything else seems insignificant. Nothing else could be this distracting; this is perfect distraction in the Radiance of Only God.