Angels Angelic Realms

The Realm Of The Angels is the closest in the material world accessible by human beings and is the one most concerned with human life. The Angels serve many different functions. Often referred to a the guardian angels, it is useful to think of these celestial beings as companions to human existence – supporting and guiding us daily. They are assigned to us through all incarnations on earth and help us through transformations, even death and birth. They defend us and help protect us when we are in trouble,  and call in the forces of all of the other angels when we need them.

The key to aligning to the Angel Realm is through invocation – they will not interfere with many things unless we ask for their direct assistance. But we need to be clear and be precise in asking for what we want – keep your intentions pure. Your Guardian Angel is constantly supporting you and has an open line of communication with all of the angels in all levels.

When the realm of Angels combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given.

Alchymeic Divine Vision:
This was a very humbling witness and birthing, in the recognition that Angels were literally carers for humankind, full of compassion, support and a deep loving. They were working all the while to help us at such a basic level – truly a heartbreak to realise how little we acknowledge their existence, so available at a human level, working alongside us all the while. All that is required is our hearts’ knowing and thus seeing, of their presence here with us now.