Angel Alchymie

Where Alchymie Combines With The Angelic Realms

Angel Alchymie arrives as an exhilarating result of a lifetime of transformation and spiritual awakening founded on the principles of Alchymie. This offering of the realization of “As Above, So Below” allows now a direct communion with the enter cosmic display of Angelic Realms and individual Angel and Archangel presences, in order to support the illumination of Humankind and the Earth plane. The union of Hermetic Alchymie and the Angelic Realms arrives at a time when the evolution of human consciousness has become sufficient to allow such an emergence.

This unique marriage between Alchymie and the Angelic Realms creates a whole new possibility for all beings. A greater intensity of ‘Radiant Conscious Light’ now entering and shifting the very fabric of this place, aided by the profound embrace of the Angels to support and guide our transition and ultimate translation into the God Light.

The Supreme Science Of  Transformation

Through a unique Alchymeic Process, which combines the upper cosmic realms with the physical form, the Angel Realms are now able to combine with matter in a way not previously possible. Like stardust combining with the teardrops of the Divine, a new seed of Light is birthing on Earth – the Seed of Eternal Form. This is also known as our True Human Form, or the Divine Incarnating Personality.

The fragility of this new form is extreme, yet with the support and willingness of the Angelic Realms, is now able to truly seed and take hold in the hearts of all those willing to be this agency. May It Be So.

Within the ‘new-age’ movement, talk of Angels is bandied around all the time. But it is rare that anyone has been able to bridge the gap  to truly incarnate and allow the full force of the Angelic Realms to merge and enter this place. The Angels themselves have only been able to relate to us from a distance, and not able to effect true change and help stimulate the greater evolution of mankind. Our ‘vibration’ or frequency or Realisation simply hasn’t been sufficient to allow this. Until now…

About Alchymie

True Alchymie is about Heart Awakening; the transmutation of density and the unenlightened disposition, into the Gold of Enlightenment or Heart Intelligence.

The origins of Alchymie are ancient and mysterious. The legendary Egyptian philosopher and Alchymist, Hermes Trismegistus (also known as Thoth), developed the alchymeic process known as Hermetic, or Hermetic Science and inscribed this wisdom upon a stone tablet known as ‘The Emerald Tablet’. Upon this Emerald Tablet, Hermes inscribed his famous observation “As Above, So Below”, as well as a description and language of the process of creation.

Alchymie is commonly known as the “transformation of base metal into gold.” As an early form of chemistry, this is most likely totally fallacious. The process of turning lead into gold has to be metaphorical or allegorical. Turning “us” into enlightened beings itself takes a huge amount of energy and is remarkably difficult.

The Alchymie Of Real Transformation

True spiritual transformation has all the elements of Alchymie – it requires a huge amount of heat applied steadily over years to make a difference to the usual consciousness, which is dense, karmic and lead-like. Gold is simply the symbol of enlightenment.

Thus, the Alchymie engaged in ‘Angel Alchymie’, (and the Angel Products), is part of the Hermetic tradition, although it is utterly different from the commonplace understanding — it is not even historical, it is a new expression of it, a renewed vision, through Divine inspiration and the Hermetic spirit.

To differentiate this Alchymie from the association of alchemy with early chemistry, we spell the word as it was in the old language – Alchymie — and call the Products Alchymeic. This reflects our understanding of Alchymie as real spiritual transformation. This work is Hermetic Science. Here, science is to mean more than what science means today. Herein, science is to mean not merely an examination of the gross physical dimension, but an examination of the whole cosmic presentation, which is the Absolute Unity. This meaning of the word science can certainly achieve a unity with spirituality, therefore existing beyond all duality, beyond left and right, male and female, high and low. Each tiny aspect of the cosmos is thus bipolar.

Meet The Angels

In total, there are nine angelic realms alive as perfect presence and response. The angels are now fully engaged in supporting this true transformation possibility for all of mankind.

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Meet The Energies

There are many special Energies available to support our true spiritual transformation. These unique Products are now combining the power of Hermetic Alchymie with the Angelic force.

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